Custom Elearning

Design eLearning course for your unique learners in your industry and on any device. Each organization has unique learning needs and one solution does not fit all. Our Custom eLearning are a one stop solution for all your learning needs. They address your business needs, engage a digitally-savvy workforce and achieve the desired business results. They are based on a practical approach to ensure that the learning is engaging.Our team of experts analyse the content and treat it with right mix of graphical approach blended with technical parameters to make it an impactful course. We make sure that the output developed bridges the gap of a trainer and involves interaction between learner and computer. We also take care that the learning outcome reinforces the concepts with the help of knowledge checks and assessments depending on your learning objectives and target audience.

Mobile Learning

World-class education & training at your fingertips with HTML 5. It’s time to get your digital learning content mobile ready and interactive. We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works exactly the way you need it to work. For the new-age learners, mobile learning is truly becoming the learning platform of choice.Our design and technology expertise will provide you with the right mobile strategy for your all your needs. Our solutions work seamlessly with your existing LMS in offline and/or online mode and follow SCORM/AICC standards.


Enter Gamification. If the goal is to drive performance, boost engagement and highlight achievement, gamification offers it all. Simply put, it is about integrating game design thinking to work-based applications where people interact and socialize around a common premise of competitive strategy, knowledge, and fun.ecorner, with its extensive experience of delivering engaging learning solutions, is here to help you integrate game-based learning with just about any business goal such as improving operations, reducing logistics costs or challenging employees to spearhead enterprise success.

Translation & Localization

Ecorner offers translation and language services to organizations who wish to get their knowledge resources translated to multiple languages and dialects. Rolling out training products, software training resources, educational materials, videos, or webinar recordings or even conducting a class, Ecorner can be your perfect ally.Organizations with global operations and international business often struggle to rollout learning and development content that is crucial to their business goals. We make sure that we don’t just translate the text, but understand the cultural sensitivities of the region that needs to be adapted and implement them for designing an impactful learning.

Application Development

Ecorner creates custom application solutions that enable organizations to achieve a competitive advantage within the continuously changing technology world. Our development team brings you experience across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms for multiple industries including finance, gaming, golf, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and retail.We perform work for hire services which extends to any and all projects, where technology is used to address gaps in the functionality provided by commercial applications, customize existing applications, or create new applications. Our excellent global development and support team gives you the best execution of application development services.

Rapid Authoring

Using our Rapid Authoring Services, organizations convert learning content to 'e' format without too much investment of time and money. Whether it is a PowerPoint Presentation or a PDF Manual, we can quickly convert it into interactive e-learning using appropriate tools. While developing e-learning, time is of essence. It is necessary to find e-learning solutions that comply with timelines. When 'need' is immediate, following the usual cycle of development is not necessary. Rapid authoring tools provide the solution to develop learning content for immediate training needs. Courses that need to be updated or upgraded more often, like Product Trainings or Technology Trainings, can also be developed effectively using these tools.

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